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The Rivoli Group is synonymous with luxury lifestyle retail. Over the last three decades, it has established a wide footprint, serving its customers across the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain offering a diverse portfolio of over 100 prestigious international brands and an unmatched retail experience.

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Rivoli Group, a Swatch Group company, is synonymous with luxury lifestyle retail. Over the past 30 years, Rivoli has established a footprint across the UAE, Oman and Bahrain with over 400 stores.

The next phase in Rivoli Group’s illustrious history was to develop and establish a digital footprint, including an eCommerce presence.



Rivoli Group hired our team to setup a Digital Marketing Department (including the development of department frameworks) and launching www.rivolishop.com (RIVOLISHOP), the 1st online watch specialty retailer in the region.



Within 9 months of the engagment, a 5 member Digital Team set up and onboarded. This team consisted of a Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Product Designer, Data Analyst and an Ecommerce Manager.

In parallel our team designed and implemented a customized digital marketing framework. The framework included the pairing, implementation and onboarding of digital tools and platforms including but not limited to Hubspot (a marketing automation platform).

The onboarding of a Digital Team and the implementation of the digital marketing framework helped leverage and support the launch of www.rivolishop.com (RIVOLISHOP)