Storytelling Components Every Content Needs


he power of a good story goes a long way – especially for online content. It is a subtle way of turning otherwise forgettable and bland web pages or blog posts into captivating pieces. Whether for corporate video, commercials, film, or web copy; storytelling matters.

However, what is the formula for telling great stories? Below, we take a comprehensive look at the basics of storytelling – what is it, why it matters, and the components of good storytelling. Read on to start creating content with compelling stories.

What is Storytelling

The main objective of creating content is to convey information – whether in the form of a sales page, tutorial, about section, and more. You want to catch the attention of the audience and ensure they perform specific actions. Therefore, you can choose to either provide the information factually or embed it into a narrative.

Although both will work, stories tend to be much more engaging. Today’s consumers are looking for more than just factual information. They need to connect and relate with you through your content. Therefore, you are more likely to get a response with storytelling that hooks.

Why Storytelling matters

Religions and wars have been based on stories. People from different kinds of cultures, backgrounds, and communities use stories to pass on information through generations. Therefore, storytelling is woven into the very fabric of human history.

Why does storytelling work? Well, it makes abstract ideas easier to understand and thus molds our behavior and thinking. Therefore, storytelling brings readers closer to you by creating trust and connection. Story formulas teach us how to position our products and services so people pay attention

Storytelling Components that Your Content Needs

Great storytelling, no matter what content you are creating, includes common components. Below are the must-have storytelling ingredients that your content needs:

A Character

Storytelling comes down to inviting customers into a story and not just telling our story. Therefore, start with identifying something your audience wants. Ensure your hero (the customer) wants something at the beginning of the story. Doing this will stimulate a desire in the audience or stakeholders to think of what they need.

With a Problem

An excellent story grabs the attention of the audience when the main character encounters conflict. Similarly, customers will listen to our sales pitch or come to our website if we have identified their problem. By defining and stating the problem clearly, we incentivize our stakeholders to engage with our business.

Meets a Guide

Customers aren’t looking for another hero. They’re looking for a guide. This can be any person, service, or product that aids our hero in overcoming the problem. Characters experiencing a problem can’t solve them on their own, otherwise they wouldn’t have found themselves in that position to begin with. Therefore, it is important for your heroes to come across a guide that will help them win the day.

Who Gives Them a Plan

Customers will naturally trust a guide with a plan. By giving the customer a plan, you give them baby steps and essentially say “It’s easy to work with us. Just take these steps.” You will drastically increase customer engagement by giving them a plan.

And Calls Them to Action

Customers will only take action when you challenge them to do so. Therefore, our calls to action have to be crystal clear. Start with identifying what you want the stakeholders to do when creating a call to action. Without one, they won’t take action.

And Helps Them Avoid Failure

People are generally motivated by two things – either to avoid failure or experience success. In our communication, we must define what is at stake for our customers if they do or don’t take action. Define what your customers or stakeholders could lose if they do not engage your business.

And Ends in Success

People move toward a vision of success and if we do not cast that vision for them, they will not know what direction we want them to move. We must clearly define what a customer or stakeholder’s life will look like if they engage our business.

Start Using Storytelling in Your Content Today

You can effectively market your product or service by turning it into a story. However, you need one your customers can jump on board with quickly. Chosen Few Media is a certified Storybrand Guide that helps brands solve problems through creative video storytelling. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you in creating captivating stories for your brand.