5 Key Aspects to Consider When A/B Testing Your Branded Content for More Revenue


hy do so many businesses invest in content marketing, but only a few reap the total rewards of their efforts? It makes no sense to invest tons of resources into a piece of content that may never bring a positive ROAS or ROI.

An effective way to ensure your content is the best for your advertising needs is to A/B or split test the content. By this, it means your creative team should film with the intention of coming up with two variations (A/B) of the content to determine which one performs best. The independent variable (A) remains the same, while the dependent variable (B) can include various changes to help determine which is best. In this post, we look at the various aspects to consider when creating a variation of the same content for A/B testing and what is needed to make the whole process successful.

Aspects to Consider When A/B Testing Your Branded Content

Once you have your independent variable, you can measure its performance against the dependent variable by making specific changes. Some of the critical variations you should consider making include the following;

1. A Different Opening Scene

Opening scenes are powerful, especially in today’s competitive marketing world. Therefore, you want to make sure the first scene potential customers come across is captivating and engaging. You can make different variations of the opening scene and compare them and the original variation to know what consumers interact with more. You can make your opening scene:

2. Color

Research shows the correct use of color can increase brand awareness by 80%. And let’s not forget that color also plays a crucial role in buyer decisions. A/B testing different color schemes helps you pick the most professional yet attractive color for your business.

Places to consider experimenting with color could be in post-production with your graphics package as well as with your on-set lighting. Additionally, filming on green screen for a particular spot could open up many options for testing different colors

3. Graphics Appearance on Screen

Graphic design is an essential marketing tool since visuals speak louder than words. A/B testing your graphic design, from the images to typeface and colors, will help you pick the best video graphics for your target audience.

4. Talent Performance

Another aspect to consider is talent performance in the ad. In great commercial spots and ads, audiences connect with the actors. During filming of your spot, make sure the director is working with the talent to get various takes that can give options to test: smiling, direct eye contact with camera, a serious look, being playful, etc.

5. Call-To-Action (CTA)

In the end, you want your audience to take some form of action. As such, it’s essential that you A/B test various Call-to-action prompts with prompts with your talent as well as with your script copy. These subtle changes can immensely affect how your audience responds to the video.

Ways to Prepare for an A/B Test for the Best Results

For all this to happen, your editor needs to have enough camera coverage and options to work within their edit session. Otherwise, you won’t have enough shots to deliver multiple edits to test. Some of the ways to ensure you have enough coverage before production begins are:

Don’t Forget to Analyze Your Advertising Data

Campaign analytics mean nothing if the data can’t be analyzed. Once all the footage has been captured and the first draft released to an audience, the ad’s data must be analyzed to track its performance. It should tell you how users engage with the ad, where they’re falling off and so on. You can analyze data about your branded content on various platforms, including:

With this newfound data, you can now alter your original A for the B version to see which performs best.

Ready to collaborate on your growth journey? We can help you with all of your content marketing needs, including the A/B test. Contact us for more information.

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